It's a new world and real men need to come out of hiding and show the woke world who we really are, 

I identify as LTIAMB

Lesbian Trapped In A Mans Body

About Us

We love women, and are proud to say so!

In todays woke world, being a man who loves the opposite sex is classified as wrong. You are considered an outcast and a problem.  This is why we must take a stand and rise up  to say, "I identify  as LTIAMB".  Let's show the world that all  REAL MEN are just a lesbian trapped in a mans body. 

Get your gear and make a stand, in this woke society.  

Join your fellow brothers and let the world know you Identify as LTIAMB.

Get your LTIAMB gear HERE!.

Come Out, and let know you Identify as a LTIAMB

Why we love Women!

1, They are not men!

2, They smell better!

3, They are soft!

 4, They are beautiful! 

5, They are mothers

6,They are smart!

7, They make life worth living

8,We can't live with out them!

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